Rayner Wharton, Sr. is the senior pastor of Connexion Point Church. He has served in this capacity since 1993. Under his leadership the church has experienced more than an 800% increase in people attending each weekend and is known for a casual contemporary culture where people are being lead into becoming loving, growing followers of Christ.

Rayner has a passion and ministry mandate upon his life to “equip, encourage, and empower men and women for life and ministry.” He co-founded the Pastor and Church Leadership Summit, LLC; an interdenominational educational institution that served as an international resource for increasing the leadership capabilities of church leaders and their organizations. In 2013, Connexion Point Church became a ministry partner of ARC (Association of Related Churches), which since 2001 has launched more than 500 churches all across the USA.

Rayner and his wife Thomasina have four children, three daughter-in-laws, seven grandchildren and live in Hanover, Maryland. He is an avid reader, gifted teacher, national speaker, and a dedicated social reformer.