connexion groups

DON'T dO life alone.

The goal of Connexion Groups is simply to connect people to the two things they will need most when faced with the challenges of life: the Bible and other Christians.

Connexion Groups are about sharing life together and discovering how the love of God transforms hearts.

In Connexion Groups, instead of talking about life, people do life.


The best way to grow as a Christian is to get into a situation where you can rub shoulders with others Christians and benefit from life-on-life modeling and mentoring from those who’ve learned what it means to live out their faith on a day-to-day basis.

As relationships can’t be forced, neither can spiritual growth. Connexion Groups provide an environment conducive to deeper spiritual relationships among group members. The topic of discussion in Connexion Groups on any given week simply flows out of whatever was taught in the previous Sunday's message.

The beauty of this laid-back approach of Connexion Groups is that it takes the pressure off. All we do is provide an environment where people are connected closely enough and long enough for life to happen and for God to show up. It’s organic and simple. And it works.