Late 2019 Bishop Rayner Wharton Sr. announced that he was retiring after serving for over 30 years as lead pastor. Over this time he has tirelessly and faithfully preached the word of God and planted seeds of hope and love in our lives. He has shown hospitality to all and given encouragement to many. He and his family have truly made a difference in the lives of those he has encountered.

Connexion Point Church is now in a new season, where we are discerning who will lead our congregation into the future. We are praying and trusting God for wisdom, unity, and grace as we seek our next lead pastor.

What's Happening Now

We've developed a Transition Team. The Transition Team, along with the Executive Leadership Team and Trustees the have primary purpose aiding in the transition of new leadership for Connexion Point Church. This team is made up of Elders, Ministers, Deacons and members who are dedicated to life and success of our church. Their primary role is to ensure the continuance of the essential functions for the ministry and assist with the identification and appointment of a new lead pastor.


As progress is made and new development arise the Transition Team will send out communications, hold meetings and information sessions. If at any time you have a questions please send them to

What Can You Do?

Pray with Us! God is faithful and has been answering our prayers throughout this time of transition. We are excited about what God has for the furture of our church and our community. We also understand spending time in prayer is essential to hear God's voice and be in tune with the Holy Spirit's leading. Please commit to praying daily as God give's us guidance during this time of transition and into the final phase of selecting our next lead pastor.