Blue is the new black

Life is not all rainbows and butterflies, nor should it be all nightmares and storm clouds. Life (and genetics) happens, and sometimes we can find ourselves in a perpetual state of sadness, worry, trauma or addiction. This four-part sermon series, “Blue is the New Black”, will help you to recognize if you are blue, and identify a way out of dark thoughts and behaviors that seek to hinder your ability to walk in the fullness of life. Trust, blue does not look good on you!

  • week 1: See something Say Something

    dr. Aliya Jones  8.7.16

    listen here

  • week 2: more than you can bear alone

    dr. aliya jones 8.14.16

  • Week 3: Addiction

    Dr. Aliya jones 8.21.16


    DR. ALIYA JONES 8.28.16